The Organic Bakery

All of our products are fully certified as organic. Organic is a way of growing and processing food that relies on healthy, rich soil to produce strong plants that resist pests and diseases. Organic farmers feed their livestock only organic feed, hay and pasture and don’t use antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Being organic provides strict animal welfare regulations to make sure they are healthy and productive through low-stress living conditions.

Breadshare has been certified organic by the Scottish Organic Producers Organisation (SOPA). Click here for Breadshare’s Certificate of Conformity.

Why is Organic so Important?

The term ‘organic’ is strictly defined and monitored so you can be sure your food contains no GMO, no hydrogenated fats and only approved additives. You also get the added assurance that everything in our products is fully traceable and comes from trusted sources.

Organic, local and seasonal food is friendlier to the climate, and organic farming reduces pollution from toxic, persistent pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Organic farmers enrich their soils and control pests by rotating crops, planting cover crops and releasing beneficial insects.


Scott Organic Producers Association
Scottish Organic Producers Association