Real Bread for Everyone

Breadshare is a non-profit-distributing social enterprise. Our mission of Real Bread for Everyone means we serve and involve the community by making excellent, nutritious bread using organic ingredients and local products, helping to create a more sustainable and health-enhancing food system.  As a social enterprise, Breadshare is committed to increasing the accessibility of better bread to the community and supporting local food systems.

We aim to make real bread more accessible and to tell people about why this type of bread is better. That’s why you will see us at local markets and making bread in our bakery with lots of different groups of people.

Our bread is simply made with natural ingredients. It does not use any processing aids, artificial additives, flour ‘improvers’, preservatives or artificial anything! All we need is flour, water, yeast and salt. We add only natural things like seeds, nuts, cheese, dried fruit, olives and olive oil and butter. The salt content of our breads is less than 1% and we use stone ground wholemeal flour.

Breadshare bakery was established in the Scottish Borders and commenced baking in January 2012 with a team of three people in the bakery. We moved our bakery operations to Edinburgh in 2015 and established 4 bakeries. After, COVID-19 we scaled down operations and moved to Cumbria to establish a community-run water mill producing stone ground flour.

Breadshare is a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee, incorporated in Scotland.